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Saturday, 30 November 2013

New game coming out... hopefully tonight!

It's not exactly a full release, though, it'll be more like a free beta download, think of it as our equivalent to what "Nightly" is to Firefox, or "Daily"/"EarlyBird" is to Thunderbird.

This game, codename "Tengist", is a free FPS game containing the very core mechanics that we're developing and will be using for our upcoming shooter titles, we hope to update it frequently for feedback.

Don't expect anything too polished, remember, this is just a beta, made in like a week.

I've been working on this all week, whenever I could (Thanks to college, I didn't have an awful lot of time), I have a few levels made, I have the weapons made, and AI almost done, and hopefully tonight, I can upload the first build.

The only major issue is that the AI can't attack yet, I didn't have time to give them guns, but I hope that will be rectified in a future build.

So again, hopefully tonight, we will be launching Tengist! If not, well we'll be launching it tomorrow!


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