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Saturday, 2 February 2013

A few changes have been made to the Gamerstorm's news section.

Right, just a heads up, I've changed the the news page a little bit.

If you guys thought the older one looked cooler, I couldn't agree more, it looked awesome in my opinion, and the fact it was done by hand meant I could make look anyway I wanted to.

That also rose a problem, the fact it was done by hand meant I had to insert the same code, over and over and over again, not to mention, I had to publish the same article on other sites, such as the blog, Facebook, Youtube, DeviantART and Twitter, and also it meant I had to translate into other languages the site's in, and do the code for the article all over again, it got tedious, and I was put off updating it for a good while, as you could probably tell.

However, using what I'm using now, the old but golden RSS, most of the posting is done for me, all of the trouble with the code is finished, I don't have to deal with that anymore, although I'll still add pictures and hypertexts the HTML way, just because it feels better that way. What happens is that I post the article to a blog made especially for an RSS feed, and the RSS feed posts it to other places, such as the website and Twitter.

I hope you guys don't mind the new update, because it certainly takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders, I can guarantee that the Gamerstorm website will be updates more regularly, giving people a reason to visit here now and again, eh?

The only problem is, for some reason, at the end, it says " more at", that used to be the at the end of a summary, to tease the reader, I don't do that anymore, so I have to fix that.

So, what has happened while I was gone? Well, I'm sorry to say Rossies 2/Classic has been cancelled...

The reason being was that there was no demand for it at all, or anyone caring about it, so I ditched and started to work on a 3D game, suddenly, everything changed, people saying they're looking forward to it, giving me a whole bunch of ideas for the game, and to make the deal sweeter, I am working with a old friend, who, like me, was once a member of the real Rossies, and this guy's a nutter, in a good way of course! He's already given a ton of brilliant ideas, I honestly don't know what I'd do without him...

For the very few who sort of cared for a 2D sequel, I might work on one using the same engine as 3D, well, the 2D version, I'll save that until later, I have something in store with that.

Speaking of Rossies 3D, I have a development blog coming up, stay tuned for that! Until then... bye.


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