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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day! I have a rough release date for the Rossies 3D demo!

Well, it's valentines day... and I'm still lonely...

Anyway, just a quick, fun post, I don't know how or why, but I randomly thought up coding related pick-up lines, which is sort of related, right?

Well, I was thinking, "What if when Rossies 3D comes out, it gets fan art?!" I'd say no, but everything gets fan-art these days, so who knows. In all seriousness, I'm not expecting anything, but if I get any, great! If not, oh well.

Anyway, I was imagining valentines related art, and was thinking about Virtua, who, I'll reveal this much, a programming expert, and loves to code! So there, you have a rough image of a geek (In Rossies uniform) in your head. So I thought, "what kind of pick-up lines would Virtua use?", So I though up a few lines relating to C#, or any other programming language, they might be crap, but I thought I'd share them anyway, ready? Here goes:

  • "With you, I'm going to have to convert my Short to a Long!"
  • "Baby, a Long Int wouldn't be big enough to store my love for you!"
  • "I have a Private Void just for you! Scroll down to see it!"
  • "This.Inlove = true;"

Alright, here's my real valentines gift for you guys (I love you all, in a non-gay kind of way!), I have a rough idea on when the Rossies 3D demo will be released, now, like I keep saying, Rossies 3D's development is going faster than I could've hoped! However, in case something gets in the way, or I've done something totally wrong, and I have to do the ENTIRE thing over again! (Then again, it didn't take long to get where I am) I'm going to play it safe and say expect a demo by mid August, sound cool? Okay!

So all you guys (and girls, if any follow us) go and have a fun time with your valentines, while I got a curl in a ball in a corner and cry myself to sleep... or I could be working on Rossies 3D, whatever I decide!


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