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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Keno the Cat Development blog #4 - let there be... umm, gravity?

I'm back with an update with my game, to tell youse how I'm doing.

This is the first development blog posted here, but I've been posting a couple more before only on the Gamerstorm website, I've been too lazy to post them here, until now!

I've now created a working and somewhat robust game engine, I've done running, jumping and the level scrolling, which is a lot harder than you think to do that, I won't explain because chances are you'd have no idea what I'm talking about, but I have the whole platforming thing covered, and I'm close to completing crouching. After that, I'm moving on to the combat.

I've also made a new page on the website, I've added a characters page, head over to the website to check it out.

That's all I've been doing, but the former of the two is very time consuming, so I couldn't do much else, oh well, see youse in the next blog...


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