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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rossies 3D demo may be pushed back further than we initally thought, if not cancelled.

I have some bad news, the PC I have been using to work on Rossies 3D, isn't as stable workstation anymore. Let me explain.

My PC keep crashing and freezing/hanging, and every time it does, everything, even user input, stops working, and I have to restart. Sadly, my PC chooses the worst times to do this, it always does it when I work on my game.

I was working on the school level of the game when my PC did this, and I had to restart, when I opened up the level again, it was corrupt, it opened okay, but the textures were gone and I couldn't re-assaign them, and the models no longer saved... luckily, I had back-ups!

The point is my PC is no longer a suitable workstation to work on my game, so in other words, I can't really work on my game unless I fix this PC or get a new one (and seeing my financial troubles a.k.a. I haven't got another £1000 to splash out, the former will most likely have to happen.)

Can't you just use any old computer for development? I hear youse asks, well, when developing the game, I run Blender (3D modelling), G.I.M.P. (Image editor) and Unity (Game Engine) Simultaneously, the former 2 take ages to export models for the game, and for some to load & import, and the latter takes ages to boot up, so it saves a lot of time having them both up. So to answer the question, I could, but it would take forever, constantly having to exiting and starting-up between programs, also, the school and outdoor levels of the game use lot of polygons, and even my high-end PC struggles at keeping it even 30fps (let alone 60), while I editing them. (For those concerned, the levels will run fine on most PCs, editing models seem to take a lot more processing power then rendering in game, don't ask why)

This isn't the first time this PC has done this, it done it when developing my last game (I hope this doesn't turn into a reoccurring theme!), I got it sent to get fixed, and it was fine again, only this time, the warranty has expired...

I am doing everything I can to fully restore my PC, make it stable again, for now, I have got my old laptop I can use, but it can't handle most of my models unless in wireframe mode (no textures or faces/polygons, just lines, for those unaware of the term), so I guess I can do a little bit with that. I'll do whatever I can to progress with development, but I won't be able to do too much, so I don't think I'll have the demo finished anytime soon.

I am sorry for this, but there's not much I can do right now. One thing's for sure, I am never buying from ASUS again!


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