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Friday, 22 March 2013

Rossies 3D Development Blog - 22/3/13

I'm nearly to the point where I can put the drag everything in the game together and release a beta, which I plan on doing a closed run of. Most if not all of the code is done. Also, an Easter egg has been added, I won't spoil anything, though.

Much has happened since the last blog, for one thing, I've actually added animations to the game, the enemies actually look as though they're running to you, whereas beforehand, they just slid to you.

I've also implemented objectives, just simple ones, such as getting to a location, or get/kill a certain amount of objects, or activate a switch. Then again, once you think about it, most objectives are like that in any video game, the game is supposed to be simple and to-the-point, so those will do, if anything else is needed, then I will add them when I need to.

I've added an easter egg into my game, not spoiling anything, but once/if you get to play the game, get yourself killed by multiple enemies, start holding the "Interact" key (E is default) when you're dying, and enjoy the show!

I've been thinking of possible box-arts I could do for the game. The game will come out on all formats in retail form. (Yes, that includes Linux, it's been done before!) So I had to think about it what the box-art would look like, after all, it's the box cover art that attracts us to a game, right? I have a PC template, and made a MAC and Linux one. All I need to do is thinking of something cool. Maybe I should leave that to when I've finished the actual game...

Anyway, like I said, most of the major coding is done, at least for the gameplay, all I would need to do is model the levels, drag the objects into them, and I'll be done.

The problem is, I'm worried that nobody will like it, I want someone else to test the game, because I've been with it since the beginning, so I don't trust myself. To me, the game seems solid and enjoyable, but you the public, the game could be broken and abysmal.

That's why I want to host a beta for the game, I want to hear/read the opinions of others, to describe faults, and to be honest with me, it would probably be hard to take, and even depressing to read what's wrong with the game, but it'll be for the best. *braces himself, anticipating pain*

If you're subscribed to the Gamerstorm newsletter (Which is free), I will hand-out the download link for the beta to everyone subscribed once it's done. That is if anybody wants to participate. If you know me personally, then if you like, I will personally send you the link, no need to go through the subscribing hastle.

The beta will be for all platforms, I encourage Mac users, because that's the only format I can't test on. Other OS users will be welcome too, of course.

That's it for this blog, I hope to catch you guys next time, hopefully when the beta comes out.


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