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Saturday, 22 October 2011

HTML5 Centring issues fixed!

This only concerns those who use the newer site, the older site didn't have this problem, for some reason.

I've found out that the then upcoming HTML 5 wouldn't be supporting the "< center >" tag, which I still to this day think is a bad idea, because to center even a small peice of text, like a name, like my signature "-Cobra!" thing at the bottom, which, opposed to the rest of the text on the whole page is aligned to the left, with HTML5, I would have to make the whole page centre aligned, and make that little piece of text a paragraph, which leaves a line break, if that's the right term, in between the text, which I don't want, or make it a heading, and by doing so it'll be a different size from the rest of the text, which, again, I don't want. See where I'm coming from, it's not very convenient, is it?

So I thought not to worry as most browsers still used 4.1, and that it would take a while for browsers to update it so that it would use HTML 5, but after only a couple of months, every modern browser used it, so it suddenly became an issue, although some people haven't complained about it, I guess because they think it's meant to be like that, but it isn't.

Nevertheless, after acquiring the knowledge of basic CSS, I've modified the code of every code of the site so that it will look like it should on HTML 5 browsers, with centred texts.

Just a note, I will not update the older news pages, it's just too much work, and for nostalgias sake in the future I'll leave them as they are and also to show much much we've evolved...


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