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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Keno the Cat Chronicles - Issue 2 - Page 6 is out!

First of all, Happy Late New Year to you all!

I'm not holding back, I'll admit, the reason this took so long is because I've been lazy, I haven't been working on them much at all, don't worry, I think I'm back on top form, if that's the case, page 7 should be out sometime next week.

However, I can say that now my comics will be of a more consistent size and thanks to my new scanner, I can get these comics out quicker, so hopefully, I should have finished it all by the end of next month, fingers crossed...

Anyway, here's the comic:

Image available only on the Gamerstorm website!

To catch up on the comic series (That is if you actually want to), go to the Keno the Cat Official website, link to it are located at the home page or the "Our Games" page, and then click on "Story".

Page 7 should be out sometime next week, although knowing me, I'll probably be way off.

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